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March 13, 2024
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Abhay Rawat


Owning a website is nice, especially when it looks the way you want it to look and does what you want it to do, owning an e-commerce site is an extra plus.

E-commerce sites are essentially sites that help you generate revenue through a more direct means (selling to a customer).

As any business naturally aims to grow, a key part of that growth is data most especially analytical data.

In this guide, we’ll be answering the questions: What is Google Analytics & How do I set it up in Webflow

The What?

Google Analytics is a tool by Google that enables users to see valuable insights about their website. It allows users to better understand their audience and even better refine their marketing efforts.

Using Google Analytics (GA) a user can see different kinds of information about their site, information such:

  • Where are the site visitors coming from
  • What country are the site visitors from
  • How long are they staying on the site
  • What pages are performing very well and what pages aren’t…etc

The How?

Setting up Google Analytics can be accomplished in Webflow by following these steps:

Step 1: Create a Google Analytics Account

  • Log in to your Webflow account.
  • Open the Webflow project where you want to create and use components and instances.

Step 2: Go to the Site Settings Page of your site

  • In site settings go to the Apps&Integration Section

Step 3: Create a Property

  • Click the settings icon on the bottom left, on the page you’re redirected to you should see an action that allows you to create a new property

Step 4: Copy your Measurement ID

  • Now that your property has been created on your home page you should see a measurement ID it should be in this format G-AH24ODJDMW, copy that ID.

Step 5: Paste your Measurement ID

  • In your Webflow site setting under App&Integration a space labeled Measurement ID is provided, paste the Measurement ID you’ve copied from Google Analytics into that space.

Step 6: Publish your site

  • It may take between 24-48 Hours for Google Analytics to start working


Google Analytics is a powerful tool that gives you valuable insight about your website.

If used correctly it can aid in increasing your revenue, increasing conversion, and also reducing the cost of advertising.

Any business owner needs information about his or her business especially when it comes to their website, with Google Analytics that is possible.

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