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UX Testing & Research

Our UX testing and research services provide valuable insights into user behavior and patterns. By analyzing historic data, we'll develop a user persona and create wireframes optimized for usability and experience. We also conduct a competitive UX analysis to ensure your product stands out. We provide regular updates and reports to help you make informed decisions and deliver a product your users will love.


Visual Direction

Creating a visual identity that accurately captures your brand's voice, tone, and personality is crucial for building a strong and memorable brand. At NEUE WORLD, we start with an essential step that involves filtering your brand's look and feel through three prompts. This helps us set the broad direction for your visual identity, and allows you to collaborate with us at a very early stage.



We use historical performance data and user journeys to create clickable wireframe prototypes. By collaborating on user journeys, use cases, and navigation early on, we ensure your website delivers a seamless and engaging user experience that meets your business goals. If there is no historical data, we back it up with research.


User Interface & Experience

Visual design and user experience are two sides of the same coin. Our UI and UX service involves translating wireframes into a full website or mobile mockups, integrating curated designs into a clickable prototype. We draw all visuals from your brand guidelines, existing assets, stock photography, and custom illustrations; or we can build this from scratch. This ensures your website looks great and delivers a tailored user experience that reflects your brand's personality and values.



WebFlow is a no-code website which helps us have creative flexibility to create your website purely focussed on aesthetics. WebFlow is capable of handling E-Commerce and CMS making it powerful tool for us to create your perfect website.


Design systems

We may not be globally recognized (yet!), but we're passionate about creating design systems that are second to none. We have a laser focus on typography, colors, accessibility, and components, and take pride in building complete atomic design systems from scratch regardless of complexity. Trust us to deliver a design system that reflects your brand's unique personality and values.


Design Consultancy

We understand that not all companies want an end-to-end execution of their design tasks, for which we provide consultancy services. We either come in part-time to guide your team, build documentations and even execute certain designs to help you create a better experience for your users.


Usability Testing

Being a design agency, our strength holds in understanding aesthetics and usability. But what's the point of aesthetics if usability if hurting your user experience? In which case, we bring in a set of team that will audit, research and recommend improvements to your product that will help you create a more unified journey for your users.


Staff Augmentation

We have team of experienced designer with different level of expertise. If you are looking to plug in a resource to help you scale your team remotely, we are here to help. Staff Augmentation is a powerful resource for you to build a scalable team depending on the kind of work you have, no strings attached.