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Brand Identity and Web Design for Non-Profit
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Creating a brand identity is more than just an aesthetic process – it’s about finding the perfect balance between visual appeal and psychology to ensure that your message is heard and experienced. This was the case for Safe Society, a non-profit organization based in Greece striving to offer safety and legal/psychological consultation to victims of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse. When they decided to work with our Design Agency, NEUE WORLD, on building their Brand Identity and Web Design, we knew that this project would be more than just creating a website – it was about establishing a brand that represented safety and protection.
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Brand Identity Design

Web Design

WebFlow Development

English and Greek Language

Dashboard Integration

Airtable Setup


Safe Society is a digital platform that aims to help individuals who have experienced abuse find the support they need. As a design agency, our first step was understanding this target audience's unique needs and challenges. We conducted extensive research to understand how past experiences of abuse can affect individuals and their ability to seek help.

Based on our research findings, we identified several key design considerations that would be critical to the success of the Safe Society platform. First and foremost, the platform needed to be designed to make users feel safe and supported. This required us to use color schemes, typography, and imagery to convey warmth, safety, and comfort.

In addition to the site's visual design, we paid close attention to the user experience. We knew that individuals seeking support for past experiences of abuse could be hesitant to engage with new resources and services. As such, we worked hard to create a platform that was easy to navigate and use and provided clear, concise information about the services

One of the most important aspects of the Safe Society platform is the connection it provides users with legal and therapeutic professionals who can offer support and guidance. To facilitate these connections, we worked closely with the Safe Society team to create a system for matching users with professionals specializing in their specific needs and experiences.

Throughout the design process, we remained focused on the needs of the Safe Society user community. We conducted extensive user testing and research to ensure that the platform met the needs and expectations of its users. Through careful attention to detail and a deep commitment to creating a safe, supportive environment, we believe that Safe Society has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of individuals who have experienced abuse

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