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Crypto Exchange, UAE


Kicking off with in-depth client consultations, we tailored a bilingual website solution, prioritizing seamless English and Arabic integration without compromising SEO. Through moodboards, wireframes, and high-fidelity designs, we created an intuitive, multilingual user experience topped with an efficient language switcher. Our exploration included a Reverse Proxy and sub-domain strategy to maintain domain authority. After 2.5 months of dedicated design and development using Figma, WebFlow, and Weglot, we launched the site in stealth mode, achieving top-notch SEO in both languages. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering bespoke, impactful digital solutions.

Designing and releasing a multilingual website is the best way to appeal to customers worldwide.; especially if you are in a country where English is not the primary language (or if you want to start scaling to a different location with a secondary language). With the help of our experienced team of designers and developers, M2 was able to do just that! We used WebFlow as our no-code platform and integrated it with Weglot for scalability in a secondary language - Arabic - creating an efficient way to showcase a multilingual blog experience.

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To provide the clients with exactly what they needed, we began by fully understanding their requirements. The client needed a subdomain linked to their primary domain, with English as the base language and Arabic as a second language, while maintaining the sanity of SEO principles by implementing href and canonical tags for localization.

For every project, we follow the same steps: create a moodboard, refine it, design wireframes, and then develop high-fidelity designs to be given to our WebFlow Development team. After all, stakeholders approved our plans; we set out on an ambitious mission - creating the most efficient Arabic version of the website without diminishing its SEO ranking.

We began by designing an intuitive user experience for the multilingual blog. Our goal was to make it easy for readers to switch between languages, and we achieved this by creating a simplified language switcher that can be seen at the top of every page.

This challenge required us to test two options.

  1. We tried utilizing Reverse Proxy to assess if we could incorporate the blog into its main domain as a subdirectory, thus sustaining its URL structure.
  2. Sub-Domain: To construct a subdomain that will help them distinguish their primary domain from the new location while maintaining the integrity of their established domain authority.

After devoting 2.5 months to creating and customizing the design using Figma, WebFlow, and Weglot, we were ecstatic that their website went live in stealth mode before officially launching the exchange platform.

The project was a great success for our client; their website now features Arabic content with the same level of SEO quality as the English version. We’re proud to say that this is one of our most successful projects, and we look forward to continuing to provide the best solutions for our clients.

case study coming soon
We see you're interested in this project, come back soon to view the case study.
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