Snap Scrolling

This is a snap scrolling effect that gives you a sort of social media shorts (Tiktok, Youtube shorts..etc) effect. It could be prefect for when you want to convey a high amount of information in a way that doesn't overwhelm the user.

<style> [n-parent] { scroll-snap-type: y mandatory; /* This enables vertical scrolling and snap scrolling */ scroll-behavior: smooth; /* This adds smooth scrolling transition */ scroll-snap-stop: 300s; /* This sets the time duration for the scroll snapping */ height: 100vh; /* This sets the height of the section */ overflow-y: scroll; /* This adds vertical scroll bar when needed */ } [n-parent] > [n-snap] { scroll-snap-align: start; /* This snaps the elements to the start of the snap point */ height: 100vh; /* This sets the height of the elements */ } </style>
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