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When whiteboard visions meet DeFi innovation with bold designs: Unleash the story of how we brought MC2 Finance's futuristic vision to life, securing funding and disrupting the industry - A case study in design-driven transformation.

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From Black Canvas to Fundraising Success: Story of MC2 Finance

What we did

mc2 finance mobile responsive design
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In the fast-paced world of DeFi, establishing a strong brand presence is crucial for attracting users and investors. MC2 Finance, a budding DeFi portfolio infrastructure platform, approached us with the challenge of crafting a complete brand identity that would capture their innovative spirit and resonate with their target audience.

dashboard design ui/ux crypto web3 design


MC2 Finance lacked a pre-existing brand and faced tight deadlines. However, their primary hurdle was navigating the competitive DeFi landscape and establishing themselves as a trustworthy and forward-thinking player. Through collaborative workshops, we were required to develop a strategic brand narrative that highlighted MC2 Finance's unique value proposition.


We designed a bold and futuristic logo that symbolized their commitment to innovation and security. The vibrant color palette and cutting-edge typography further reinforced their tech-savvy image. Additionally, we designed a user-friendly dashboard for their upcoming MVP, ensuring a seamless user experience.

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The end-to-end brand identity resonated deeply with MC2 Finance's target audience, boosting their brand awareness and credibility. Within a short timeframe, they secured successful funding from Tenity Accelerator, a prestigious program backed by leading financial institutions. Their brand has also been featured on prominent industry blogs, solidifying their position as a thought leader in the DeFi space.

Beyond delivering design assets, we fostered a collaborative partnership with MC2 Finance, providing ongoing support and adapting to their evolving needs. This commitment has cemented our relationship and ensures their brand continues to evolve alongside their ambitious vision.

graph design for pool token web3 crypto
Dashboard. Component showcasing graphs.
graph design for pool token web3 crypto
Dashboard. Primarily component highlighting important data.
modal design layout for crypto web3 design
Dashboard. Components created for FAQs.
logo design palette colors difference
modal design graph for web3 crypto dashbobard
blockchain transaction design ui ux
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