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A case study about how we turned a completely blank idea of an investment fund into a minimal yet corporate brand using Generative AI and aesthetics that helped the Founder find an edge.

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Crafting a Modern Brand Identity for Equity Edge Group

What we did

investment fund design minimal visuals white minimalist
corporate design minimal visuals white minimalist
white minimal design aesthetics turkey, middle east, asia ai generated


Equity Edge Group, a London-based wealth management firm with a focus on personalized service and alternative investments, sought a brand refresh that reflected their vision for the future. Their existing website, though functional, lacked the modern and unique aesthetic they desired. We were tasked with crafting a holistic online presence that captured their expertise and elevated their brand image.

ai generated visuals white minimal
ai generated visuals white minimal
ai generated visuals white minimal

The Outcome

Kareem Tamam, CEO and Managing Partner, envisioned a clean, modern website that showcased his dedication to innovation and personalized service. However, traditional design methods could only take them so far. To fulfill this vision, we leveraged cutting-edge technologies like AI-generated images and video to create truly unique and eye-catching visuals.

typography layout minimal layout website
Aesthetics. When clean meets crisp.
color palette typography gt pressura mono aeonik
Branding. Typography and Color Palette.
minimal circle logo layout
Branding. The monogram.
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Branding. The complete logo.
brand guidelines minimal corporate layout aesthetics

The Impact

The new website successfully captured Equity Edge Group's modern and sophisticated image, exceeding Kareem's expectations. He continues to express his delight with the design and its ability to reflect his company's values.

The Webflow platform provides Kareem with the flexibility to easily update and manage the website content, ensuring his online presence remains current and engaging.

minimal 3d newsletter layout website

The Design Journey

Branding: We developed a new brand identity that incorporated modern typography, a fresh color palette, and subtle design elements reflecting Kareem's corporate blue. This new visual language established a foundation for a cohesive online experience.

Web Design and Development: We designed and developed a completely new website using Webflow, a flexible platform that allowed for seamless integration of AI-generated visuals. The clean and uncluttered layout prioritized user experience and navigability, showcasing Equity Edge Group's services and expertise.

AI Innovation: Utilizing AI-generated images and video allowed us to create visuals that were not only unique but also perfectly aligned with Kareem's vision and brand identity. This innovative approach elevated the website's aesthetics and truly set it apart from the competition.

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